Our anthracite has an extremely low ash content with higher fixed carbon compared to overseas ultra-high grade anthracite.

Welsh anthracite has an extremely low ash content. The quality of the coal produced at Black Diamond is high grade anthracite. The National Coal Board ranked the coal as “High Grade” 100 anthracite.

HG is extracted from two coal seams being the Six Feet and Nine Feet seams with a view to ensuring consistency. The Six Feet seam has a slightly higher volitile making it ideal for domestic and industrial heating as the product is “smokeless” and leaves little residue as compared....


Suitable as a carbon additive to blast furnaces and steel by products. Ultra-High Grade normally has a higher fixed carbon content than High Grade.

Naturally occuring UHG will be extracted from the Peacock seam. This is the highest quality anthracite available and is exceptionally hard with a blue lustre. Alternately, the HG product can be blended with the calcined product to reduce the volatile and increase the carbon content to the customers....


High rank anthracite is screened, washed and dried to produce a comprehensive range of water filtration products. The physical and chemical inert nature of anthracite make it suitable for all potable, municipal and industrial processes where the removal of finely divided particulate material from aqueous suspension is required.

Anthracite is used in combination with sand in rapid gravity filters for the treatment of both raw and coagulated settled water. The benefits in this application include longer filter runs, increased filtration rate, improved filtration quality, lower residual aluminium levels....


Heat treated anthracite will have virtually no volitile matter resulting in an almost pure carbon.

Black Diamond is capable of generating significant amounts of electricity per annum from methane drainage. Alternatively, the gas generated will be used a heat source to produce gas calcinated anthracite (GCA).  

Electrically calcined anthracite (ECA) is manufactured by heat treating high grade anthracite in an electrically “fired” calcining furnace....


Activated carbon, is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. Activated carbon is used in:-

Gas purification

Metal extraction

Water purification

Sewage treatment

Air filters




Historically the coal produced from the opencast operations was blended with the high grade anthracite and sold into bulk markets. This product still remains available upon request.

We can blend the calcined anthracite with our own raw material in order to reduce the % volatile matter to the buyer's specifications should they require a very low volatile anthracite coal.

The blending of our coals allows us to produce designer products.....